Some things that'll probably happen in The Hangover Part III

I don't know about you but I completely forgot that there was another Hangover film on the way and after 2011's Part II, who can blame me? But thanks to a recently released trailer it seems that director/co-writer Todd Phillips has learned from the shitbags sequel and abandoned the format that made The Hangover 2009's biggest comedy. Still, after sitting through the two minute teaser it's still obviously what to expect from the final part of the non-trilogy. And with that, here's a few guesses:

1) Justin Bartha (y'know, the groom from the first one) will feature even less then he did in The Hangover Part II. Dude must be pissed.
2) Todd Phillips will cameo.
3) Alan (Galifinakis) will do something weird.
4) Animals will feature; most will die.
5) Heather Graham will wear a low cut top.
6) Stu (Ed Helms) leaves the bird he married in Part II after becoming reacquainted with Graham's famous bosom.
7) Phil says something offensive.
8) Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) shows up for no bloody reason.
9) Bradley Cooper looks fantastic.
10) Bradley Cooper's hair looks fantastic.

I didn't give a shit about this film before I saw this so here's hoping it reaches the hilarious heights of the original. And even if it doesn't maybe Bradley Cooper will take his top off. #journalism