Some things that'll probably happen in Kick-Ass 2

Three years ago Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.'s comic book delighted audiences with its graphic violence and fresh spin on superhero movies and horrified The Daily Mail. In short, it was a win for everyone, so the inevitable sequel has a lot to live up to and judging by the first trailer it's not going to do that. With Vaughn acting as producer and relative newcomer Jeff Wadlow in the director's chair, Kick-Ass 2 looks a bit cheap and charmless compared to the cult original. Hit-Girl looks like a shadow of her former bad-ass self and as much as I love Jim Carrey he can't possibly top Nic Cage's Big Daddy. Still, it's early days, and maybe it'll turn out to be better than this trailer has led us to believe. Here's some other things to expect:

1) Hit-Girl will swear, and it won't be as funny as it was three years ago.
2) A few nods and winks to recent superhero films, especially Avengers Assemble.
3) A black guy will die first; my money's on Morris Chestnut.
4) Donald Faison will make a funny face.
5) Offensive comments about Russia aimed at Olga Kurkulina's character.
6) Marty Eisenberg/Battle Guy will be all chubby and useless.
7) Jim Carrey will be Jim Carrey.
8) Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be annoying.

These are facts.