James Deen's filmography is a great read

Even if you aren't au fait with the goings on of the American porn industry, it's a pretty safe bet to assume you've heard of Bryan Matthew Sevilla aka James Deen. Bret Easton Ellis has been yammering on about him for ages and even cast him in The Canyons opposite Lindsay Lohan and recently he's been in the news for allegedly making a sex tape with some bird from a MTV reality show. Personally I stumbled upon his filmography while at work (I swear, it was work) and it contains almost too many great movie titles. Among the movie puns (Titty Titty Bang Bang, The Da Vinci Load, The Devil Wears Leather) and the ones where clearly no-one could be bothered to think of anything clever (Fuck Me, Foreplay, Massive Boobs), we have a endless supply of giggles to be had. Deen has starred in over a thousand porn movies so please appreciate how difficult it was for me to whittle my favourites down to 5. #journalism

5) Mexicunts (2005) - Now that's just racist.

4) Where's the cum? (2005) - Probably where you left it.

3) Romantic Rectal Reaming (2005) - Nothing says romance quite like rectal reaming....

2) Kristina Rose Is A Slutwoman (2009) - I don't know who Kristina Rose is but 'slutwoman' is my new favourite insult.

1) This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX (2011) - He played Egon. Case closed.