Man of Steel

Two years ago I sat in the audience at the IMAX in Waterloo and listened to Zack Snyder defend Sucker Punch which at the time was getting torn to shreds by, well, everyone. But what broke the tedious and repetitive accusations of misogyny being thrown at a clearly agitated Snyder was one chap who stood up and asked him what we were all thinking: "Will your Superman movie have all that slow-motion shit?" Ha. Classic.

As for the film, I've been staring at the screen for ages trying to find a way to talk about this movie without contradicting myself or spoiling it for those yet to clap eyes on Henry Cavill's glorious hairy man-boobies watch it, so let me just put it this way: some parts are great, some parts are shit, it wants to be Batman Begins and isn't, and bar the boring CGI battle, I rather enjoyed it.The end.