There's nothing quite like waking up at the crack of dawn, glancing at the internet and shouting "What the actual fuck?"

You've probably already heard the sound of millions of Bat-fans losing their collective shit so it feels redundant to even say, but yes, Ben Affleck will be taking the cape and cowl from Christian Bale in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel. If you care, here's what the director said in one of those boring statements to Variety.

Naturally there's already an online petition going around and everyone has raised the ghost of Daredevil but let's get some perspective here; at least it's not Orlando Bloom. True, the two-time Oscar-winning 41-year-old doesn't seem like a convincing Bruce Wayne or Batman but get him to lose some weight, shave of his scruff and show off that magnificent chin and he may be OK.

My initial reaction was as above not because he's not right for the role, (although, admittedly, he is an odd choice) but because it seems like such a step back for him. He hasn't starred in a blockbuster for a decade and worked his arse off to become a respected and successful writer and director, so why the hell would he dip his toe back into a world that wasn't very nice to him the first time round? Smartie pants and journo Nev Pierce has already pointed out that by taking the role he'll probably get creative freedom as a director with WB which is an interesting angle, but it still feels quite odd.

As an avid Batman fan I'm choosing not to go mental simply because we have no idea what the end product will be like and after all, thousands of letters were sent to Warner Brothers in the '80s when Michael Keaton was cast and he's the best Batman there's ever been. Will Ben Affleck be the best Batman? Probably not. Should we give him a chance? Absolutely.