A snap judgement of Grace of Monaco based on 69 seconds of footage and one picture #journalism

About a year ago certain publications delighted in the news that longtime pals Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts would probably be going head-to-head for the Best Actress Oscar in 2014. Flash forward to now and both films are due out within months of each other and while Watts walks out of interviews and prepares herself for a backlash in what is generally being called an awful film better suited to Channel 5 on a Saturday afternoon, buzz for Grace of Monaco has begun to build on the back of an image and teaser. Now we all know one can't make a judgment of a film based on two tiny hints but, hello, this is the internet, and I have nothing to review today so deal with it.

Firstly, it's hard to look at Nicole dragged up like Grace Kelly without wondering if every other actress was unavailable for the job but in truth you barely hear her say or do anything. For all anyone knows she could be perfect for the job even if it looks like they've airbrushed her to hell and back.

As for the trailer, I honestly couldn't tell you. If this hasn't been edited together with her famously awful Chanel advert I'm shocked because it looks like the sort of clip used to flog perfume James Franco pops up in nowadays.

Will 46-year-old Nicole Kidman nab another nomination for playing 33-year-old Grace Kelly? Not sure. Am I secretly hoping it makes the perfect trashy accompaniment to melodramatic Diana? Yes. Dear God, yes.