LFF Leftovers: Don Jon

Actors becoming directors is always a bit of a landmine because there are the good and then there's James Franco, but I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say the prospect of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (aka one of the world's best human beings) writing, directing and starring in his own film is cause for celebration. We all know he's great at acting, singing and running down revolving corridors and, annoyingly, he's not bad at directing either because Don Jon is assured and confident, if not perfect.

Setting a comedy-drama around a man who forms his idea of sex and women from porn and a woman who forms her idea of love and relationships from shitty rom-coms is very smart and interesting, but unfortunately JGL doesn't have or want to say anything that lives up to the plot's promise. True, he doesn't have to ram his own thoughts on how we form ideals down our throats but by the end of the film you're struggling to figure out what the point was and slightly annoyed that it becomes the very films it's lampooning.

Still, it's very enjoyable, and it is the very reason JGL dropped this truth-bomb on the publicity trail:

Probably The Most Accurate Thing Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Ever Said