The 'First Watch' Project, or something less wanky

When someone spends a fair amount of time getting paid (or not, depending on some outlets) to research, write and pretend to know about films, it's generally assumed you should've seen a fair amount of them. Some people are knowledgeable to the point of insanity while others prefer to not admit she hasn't seen Gone with the Wind and probably assumed 'Ghibli' was the name of a Shu Uemura lip gloss in her formative years, but no more! I'm openly admitting there are many movies I haven't seen and am going to make a halfhearted attempt to watch as many as I can as part of this probably doomed project.

How can I have never watched Gone with the Wind when I appear to watch Die Hard at least once a fortnight? Well, it's simple: like songs, objects and memories some films are very comforting and it's nice to watch something you know is fantastic and makes you feel all fuzzy inside instead of watching a 4 hour German drama that may be the most depressing experience of your life. It's why I can't give up my VHS tapes and even lay eyes on extended cuts of my favourite films.

So, I'm after any and all suggestions you may have and here's the criteria:

1) It has to be a film
2) It has to be a film I haven't seen

Yup, that's it, so feel free to send over random and weird films as well as the typical classics. Give me a shout via Twitter, Facebook or email and I'll be sure to mention who recommended it in the post.