5 incredibly crappy things Shia LaBeouf has done in 2013

Despite starring in a few hugely successful films and avoiding the trap many child actors fall into, Shia LaBeouf is not a popular man. He seems to be constantly drumming up ways to piss people off whether it's shitting on the films that made him rich and famous or generally being a pain in everyone's arse. So with his latest act of cuntery still fresh in our minds, here's a list of just a few of the things The Beef has done this year.

5) Leaking emails sent from Alec Baldwin after withdrawing from 'Orphans' on Broadway
Two actors getting into it over creative differences is nothing new, but Shia took things to another level when he went on a (since deleted) Twitter rampage and leaked emails sent from the world's nicest man, Alec Baldwin, and the play's director Daniel Sullivan. You know it takes a seriously annoying twat to make Alec Baldwin look completely sane.

4) Laughing and filming a vomiting woman in Leicester Square
We've all encountered a lady spew her guts up because she can't handle a few J├Ągerbombs and usually a polite person tries to ignore it while getting yourself (and your shoes) out of the fucking way, but Shia isn't a polite person. He's in the UK at the moment shooting Fury and while taking an evening stroll through hell aka central London, he spotted a chick throwing up and decided to film it. Luckily a bystander saw this and punched Shia in the face and kicked him in the balls. This story hasn't been confirmed but even if it's made up, I've never been so proud to be British.

3) Making a fan cry then threatening to have her boyfriend killed
An easy way to make yourself seem like an utter idiot is to shout "I'll have you killed!" to someone mid-fight, so of course Shia has done it. While having dinner in Covent Garden (How much longer is he going to terrorise our country?) he was approached by a woman who was clearly drunk because she wanted to tell him what a fan she was. Now I understand that it might be annoying to have people wanting to speak to you/take pictures with you/ask for an autograph while you're eating, but nothing condones this behaviour. She left the table in tears and her boyfriend had something to say about that and while they were getting into it he screamed those immortal words before getting thrown out. If only they would throw him out the country.

2) Stealing Daniel Clowes' story for his short film, pretending he didn't know exactly what he was doing
 You've probably heard by now so I won't get into it. "I fucked up" should become his life mantra.

1) Being Shia LaBeouf
 Try and be less of a dick in 2014, mmmkay?