Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Contrary to popular belief not everyone wanted an Anchorman sequel. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is one of those films that captured something at a particular time that cannot be repeated and this OK sequel just proves it. I had a fun time watching it and it has a lot of great gags and scenes but I can't forget the many problems no matter how much I try.

So in an effort to not shit all over it, here are my main issues in handy bullet point form:
  • It's too fucking long.
  • Brick (Steve Carell) gets his own love interest and sub-plot that's so unfunny it hurts.
  • NOT ENOUGH FANTANA (Paul Rudd). How can Brick get so much and he get so little? Illegal.
  • Kanye West's cameo. And that's not even a spoiler so shut up.
  • The plot covers the same thing twice. How many times does Ron have to hit rock bottom, exactly?
  • Linda Jackson (Meagan Good) was only created so Ron could insult some black people. It's funny, but she isn't.
  • The son. Jesus Christ the son. I can't tell if getting a terrible child actor is an in-joke or not.
  • James Marsden's character is set-up as the baddie then disappears. Once again, Marsden has been shafted.
  • It's still too long.
Right, now I've got that out of the way I can get to the good stuff. Ron Burgundy is still Will Ferrell's best creation and the loveable buffoon can still cause a titter just by squinting his eyes and muttering an expletive. Ferrell is so willing to play the idiot whether he's bottle feeding a shark or whipping out the jazz flute and for that, I am appreciative. Several scenes are hilarious and there's a nice bit of satire running though the plot when Ron grabs ratings with car chases and screen graphics instead of actually reporting the news.

I'm happy to see these guys back on screen again so it's just a shame they were unable to keep it as zippy as its 90 minute predecessor. Now can you all hurry up and watch it so we can start quoting lines at each other? Thanks.