So, what do I think about the Oscar nominations? Pretend you care.

Image lovingly stolen from @JonLyus

The Oscar nominations were announced this lunchtime by Thor and a bespectacled lady so now all we have to do until March 2nd is argue about you will win, who should win and who absolutely cannot win. And with that here are my thoughts which are immediately nullified due to the fact I haven't seen most of the films nominated - let's go!

What about Tam Honks?! 
I didn't even realise Tom Hanks was snubbed for Captain Phillips until someone on Twitter pointed it out and the more I think about it the crazier it is. What up wid dat? The academy bloody love Tom and even nominated him for Cast Away when all he did was scream at a volley ball. Oh, I forgot, he lost weight and that means an instant Oscar nomination. BOOOOO!

Yay Deakins!
This is the eleventh Best Cinematography nomination for Roger Deakins and he probably will come away with nothing again. At this point they're just toying with him which is a shame because millions of people need to be exposed to that luscious white mop.

12 Years A Slave vs. American Hustle
Look, I know we all love Jennifer Lawrence and her gifable face but come on, over Lupita Nyong'o? Don't be silly. In fact, for the second year running all four acting categories have a nominee from a David O. Russell film - a first for the Oscars. Gravity will sweep the tech awards and probably Best Director but I'm firmly rooting for Chiwetel (and maybe Leo) , Lupita and The Fass for the actor nods. Expect lots of whining and swearing if that doesn't happen.

Jonah Hill has received more Oscar nominations than Gary Oldman. 
His next Rolling Stone interview is going to be fucking unbearable.

See on March 2nd! I'll bring Bailey's.