Vin Diesel is our greatest internet superstar

I know I'm spectacularly late on this one, but did you know the 46-year-old star of The Pacifier has been dropping nuggets of greatness on the internet all this time? I only became aware of this recently when I sat through over 7 minutes of Vin Diesel dancing awkwardly to Katy Perry and Beyonce and after some quick research I discovered that's just one of his greatest Facebook-based achievements. Here I was thinking the only thing he was good for was flying headbutts and general bufferyness but nope, there are plenty of strings to his bow.

He cares about you
Thanks, Vin. Thanks for all that love and good energy. It was like warm apple pie on the inside.

He's well deep
I can't believe I've allowed my innocence to go unprotected all this time. No more!

He appreciates us
Did we inspire him to wear that hat on his chest instead of his head? I think so.

He can dance!

Those moves have moved me. 

He can sing!

Cast this man in a musical right now.

Have you liked his Facebook page yet? Because you should've.