Everyone is going crazy over Obvious Child

Over the past few days my Facebook and Twitter feeds have brought one film to my attention several times. Sharing its title from a 1990 Paul Simon song, Obvious Child is getting headlines for being a rom-com about abortion; or more specifically, a rom-com that features a woman getting an abortion. In 2014 this shouldn't be groundbreaking stuff but we all know it is. Especially in America where it's normal to harass women who exercise their right to choose without consequence. But before I go off on a rant, here's somme background: Obvious child started life as a short film and had such a reaction that first-time feature writer/director jumped on Kickstarter to fund a full-length version. It's about a 28-year-old Jewish Brooklyn-based comedienne (stay with me) who gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend and drowns her sorrows in alcohol and an unprotected penis. This leads to an unwanted pregnancy and a very pragmatic decision that as a soon-to-be unemployed single person this probably isn't the best time to have a kid. The problem is, how does she tell the father about the abortion as she's starting to fall for him?

It stars Jenny Slate who most will recognise as "that girl from that show" (House of Lies, Girls, Parks and Recreation) or possibly from her short stint on Saturday Night Live (she said "fuck" during her first show) and she's already being hailed as "the new lena Dunham" because that's what the press do.

Accidental pregnancies have been done on film before but where Knocked Up was roundly criticised for not even considering an abortion - or "taking care of it", according to the character's mother - and Juno decided to be judged and talked about every time she walked down the school corridor with her protruding belly, Donna (Slate) doesn't even hesitate with her decision. A move still considered to be pretty bold even if we are talking about a legal procedure.

Obvious Child is release in the UK on August 29th.